How Billboard Recall Brings Your Business Opportunities

For agents of real estate, insurance, or mortgage lending, your name means everything. When Nick Carter purchased his first billboard in Eugene in 2015, he wanted to be known as the person who could be relied on for a home loan, and Directors Mortgage as the company backing him.

Nick’s clients comment on his billboard and congratulate him. It communicates that Nick is established and conveys a level of success that gives new clients the confidence to reach out. Clients tell him “I drive by your face every day; thought I’d give you a call!” Referrals from real estate agents are valuable and customers tell him that other real estate agent confirms, “Yes, I’ve heard of him, I know him,” which can be extremely valuable in a competitive situation. Nick knows the billboard builds confidence, comfort, and trust. It demonstrates a level of success; “If you are investing with someone, you want them to be a winner.”

Renting a billboard can be a great soft introduction to thousands of people in your local community. Not everyone is ready to buy a home, however, with our standard annual contracts, people will drive by a sign consistently, and during the year when they become ready to buy, they already know where to go. Additionally, outdoor advertising has the benefit of reaching a wide range of people who might have a family or friend that is interested in property, who can refer them after seeing a billboard. Meadow has dozens of insurance agents, real estate agents, law firms, and other similar reputation-based businesses that benefit from these effects.

Directors Mortgage is, and continues to be, a long-time partner with Meadow Outdoor with multiple billboard faces for over a decade and Nick Carter has had specific advertising for eight years! Look for their billboards in Eugene and Hood River, Oregon!

If you are interested in advertising on one of our billboards call us at 800-221-4114 or email us at!