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Why Billboards?

Billboards are the oldest form of advertising. They have survived every media invention yet remain the most effective media for reaching a mass audience. Billboards are powerful amplifiers in a media campaign and considered a social media channel. Billboards are a fit for advertisers whose potential customers could be anyone at any time or a specifically targeted audience with a billboard placement. Billboards are a trusted form of advertising and are your brand's proof of life in your community.


Of Travelers notice a roadside bulletin

81% of travelers have noticed a roadside bulletin, or digital bulletin.


Made a Purchase

39% of people noticed a directional ad, 20% of viewers visited immediately after seeing the ad, and 74% of those visitors made a purchase.


Visited a Website

49% of consumers used an online search to look up information about an OOH advertiser, urbanites search OOH advertisers at a higher level - 60%.

Who We Are

Meadow Outdoor Advertising is a proud part of the Northwest culture that values local business and human relationships.  Our purpose is to stimulate commerce through billboard advertising and that starts with our offer to you.  

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