Billboard FAQs

Meadow Answers

How much does a billboard cost?

Billboards are unique pieces of advertising real estate. Value depends on size and location and market conditions. Billboard displays are priced individually. Your sales representative will share current pricing and help you locate available billboards in your budget that will deliver your marketing objectives.

How do I buy a billboard?

Call and get connected with a helpful sales representative. Our turn-key process will guide you from identifying locations and artwork design through the install of the vinyl.

Do I have to design my own billboard?

Nope! Our professional design service is part of your agreement so you don't have to struggle to DIY or hire and pay an outside designer.

How long are the agreements?

Annual bulletin contracts are standard and include the production and installation of the vinyl. Bulletins can be sold on shorter terms with production and install charged separately. Digital can be sold short or long term with no production costs for either length.

How hard is it to buy a billboard?

Buying a billboard is about readiness. If you know you want a billboard, have ad dollars budgeted, and know your message, then placing the purchase can be fast and seamless. If you need time to process the value of the product or wait for a specific location to become available then the buying process is about time, but never difficult.

How long does it take to put up a billboard or digital billboard?

Approved digital artwork is published same-day. For bulletins, the production timeline includes art development, printing, shipping, and travel to install. The Meadow team has made the process as lean as possible to get the steps done between 10 and 20 days.

Who creates the artwork for the billboard?

Your artwork will be a custom design based on the copy you and your sales rep. decide will be effective and the assets you provide. Meadow has a team of professional graphic designers that will make your message come to life, transforming words and pictures about your business into your brand story. Print-ready artwork may also be supplied for printing by agencies or franchises.

How do I pay for the billboard?

Customers can be billed monthly with an approved New Client application or pay the contract in full.

Who prints and installs the artwork?

Meadow works with several U.S. based large format printers and specs 7 oz. vinyl for durability. The printed vinyl is shipped to regionally based crews who travel to the billboards to stretch the new vinyl. Meadow crews take pride in following all safety requirements for working above ground.

How often can I change my message?

As often as you like. Meadow includes the cost of the initial art production in an annual contract. The cost to change the vinyl during the term is quoted and welcomed.

How do I secure billboard space that is currently sold?

Consult with your sales representative about specific billboards or areas where you want advertising. Your interest will be tracked on a Desired List and you will be called if space becomes available. You can also commit to a back-up agreement for a specific location to ensure first position. Billboards are secured with a contract and approved credit on a first come, first serve basis.

What if I don't have a high resolution logo?

Our creative team can rebuild logos, often within the scope of your design project. There is a reasonable fee for more complicated logo rebuilds but you get to keep the results.

What is the photo resolution needed for a billboard or a digital billboard?

Billboard photos should be high resolution - 300 dpi or more. Photos for a digitial billboard can be as low as 72 dpi.

What if I don't have a photo for my billboard design?

Meadow subscribes to stock image resources and will work with you to identify and procure a stock photo, all within the scope of the design project.

How is digital design different from billboard design?

Digital design has a few differences. Digital displays use the RGB colorspace vs CMYK as in print media. Minimum letter size is 6" to accommodate the LED light grid. Solid white is difficult to reproduce on a digital display due to the LED light grid. Using 10%+ gray or an off-white will make a pleasing display. Digital requires 72dpi resolution for images, whereas print requires 300dpi.

How often can I have digital art created and published?

Advertisers can supply an unlimited number of designs to be published in their digital spot. Meadow will design up to 52 designs for an annual digital spot and the advertiser can elect to have a library of designs built at the beginning of the contract. The power of the digital is real time change which Meadow encourages.

What can a digital do that a billboard can't?

There are numerous real time opportunities. Ad play can be controlled by time and temperature conditions, like iced tea when it's warm, hot chocolate when it's cold. Countdowns can be incorporated to show time, or the number of items available for sale, like tickets to an event. Your ad can be connected to an RSS or XML feed that informs the design by the minute. Multiple images (think properties, cars, people) can cycle through the same layout so all have air time.

What is a billboard extension?

Extensions are unique to billboards. Extensions are a continuation of the design off the sides of the billboard. They are custom designed and installed and covered with the same vinyl media. No other advertising media can reach beyond the boundaries of the ad into open air to create an eye catching extension of the story.

What types of advertising are prohibited?

Meadow does not currently support tobacco, recreational cannabis, or vaping. Meadow will not sell to adult entertainment or any business perceived to be related to human trafficking. Social or political messages must be informative and truthful, but attack language will be declined.

What kind of company is Meadow?

Meadow is a family-owned business. We take care of our clients and provide for our employees. We are also good neighbors that take care of our billboards and support local causes.

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