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Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are bright, high definition displays that can display multiple advertiser messages. They are ideally suited to advertisers that want to promote time sensitive events, offers, multiple products or messages. Without the need to print, creative changes are published instantly allowing advertisers the flexibility to change messages frequently. Digital designs can also be built with RSS feeds from an advertiser's source or dynamically display time, temperature, or countdowns in the context of the advertising message.

Nova Urgent Care Billboard with blue sky


Often called a permanent bulletin for their durability over time, billboards are bought for their location that is uniquely important to each advertiser. Your advertising can be the same size as a national brand and you can further customize a billboard with extensions.

  • Responsive service
  • Design service included
  • Regional reps in your area
  • Monthly billing vs. 4 week is an 8% savings
  • Art print and install included on annual contract
  • Display guarantee

The Meadow Difference

Meadow offers tangible differences in our display agreements that extend convenience and savings to our customers. Successful billboard advertising depends on the quality of the visual design. We staff professional outdoor designers, train our sales representatives to guide the art development, and include this service in every display agreement - don't stress about the art - we got you.

Billboard advertising differs from other media in its ability to display your ad 24/7 and be physically placed in the travel path of potential customers. It is durable, offers great recall, and drives search and purchase. No other media can reach as many for so little cost.


Of People are Reached

90% of U.S. residents age 16 or older noticed an out of home ad in the past month and 80% noticed ads in the past week.


Of Smartphone Users took an action in response to an out of home ad.

66% of smartphone users took some type of action after seeing an OOH advertisement in the past year, and over 4 in 10 used online search to look up information about the ad.


Of People Make a Point to Look

83% of billboard viewers make a point to look athe advertising message; 4 in 10 look at the billboard ad each time.

How to Buy a Billboard

Buying a billboard is an investment in your business - it is an advertising asset.

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Common Questions About Buying a Billboard

How long does it take to put up a billboard or digital billboard?

Approved digital artwork is published same-day. For bulletins, the production timeline includes art development, printing, shipping, and travel to install. The Meadow team has made the process as lean as possible to get the steps done between 10 and 20 days.

How much does a billboard cost?

Billboards are unique pieces of advertising real estate. Value depends on size and location and market conditions. Billboard displays are priced individually. Your sales representative will share current pricing and help you locate available billboards in your budget that will deliver your marketing objectives.

How do I buy a billboard?

Call and get connected with a helpful sales representative. Our turn-key process will guide you from identifying locations and artwork design through the install of the vinyl.

Will it work for my business?

One way to find out! Connect with a rep to explore how billboard advertising would work for your business.