Design Guidelines

The building blocks of impactful creative

Meadow Outdoor Advertising Billboard displaying Rexburg Motorsports ad with ATV

Concise Message

The golden rule of outdoor design is SEVEN WORDS OR LESS. The best, most impactful creative is brief. You know it because you have seen it. Drivers have plenty of time to read good creative and will be drawn to it, but wordy billboards are discouraging. Our sales reps and creative team are skilled at selecting few words to say much.

Table featuring Effective and Ineffective types of fonts

Readable Fonts

Fonts with even thickness will be easy to read. Ornate fonts with serifs, thick or thin lines, will be difficult to read. Letters must be scaled for distance, too small and they can’t be read.

graphic Designers collaborating on sushi photo on a computer

Selecting Assets

Images are powerful storytellers. They can immediately set the tone for your brand or showcase your product. Additional images dilute the power of the story but are maximized with one well-chosen image. Advertisers can supply high-resolution photos for their custom billboard art at 300 dpi for billboards and 72 dpi for digital displays. Don't have an image? Meadow can work with you to source a stock photo from their subscription sites as part of your design service.

Black and White image of paint stripes with one strip highlighted blue

Color & Contrast

Select colors for the lettering and background that are in sharp contrast so the words and images will “pop” off the background.

Create a Good Impression

Go beyond good basic design to further reach your audience with a touch of HUMOR, SURPRISE, INTRIGUE or BEAUTY and they will remember you when they make a buying decision.

The back of girl's head looking at a distance wall

Design Done: Test It

Artwork can be tested for readability by stepping back ten feet from your computer screen or printed layout and allowing yourself a few seconds to take it in. How much did you see? What could you not read? The contrast can be tested for potential visibility by making a black and white copy of the art to see if the paired colors separate. 

75% Of Advertising Impact is determined by creative quality

Your creative work is precious to us and secures our mutual success.