How to Capitalize on Digital Billboard Features

Digital billboards provide you with the ability to use dynamic content, conditional terms, and day parting to bring relevant features to your advertisement. Dynamic content is a feature that can be placed on top of your design. These features can be the time, the temperature, countdowns, wait times, and more. Conditional terms allow you to have your advertisement play based on rules. Dayparting is the scheduling of your advertisement based on what day and time you would like the artwork to start and stop.

Using dynamic content is a great way to connect to the daily person. It provides more information while advertising your business.  It can be incorporated into your design; you can build out a design specifically made to point out the dynamic content being used. An example would be having a countdown to a planned event, that can range from a holiday festival to a grand opening or even a sales event. Another form of dynamic content is using an RSS Feed to display eye-catching information. A good example of this would be the wait time for a clinic. This dynamic content is not only great at grabbing attention but is also informative to your community. 

The main idea of conditional terms is having the ability to have one design play based on rules such as the temperature of the day, and when those rules are not applied a different piece of artwork will play instead. For example, a radio station could have a dynamic piece of artwork that shows the current song playing on their station, the conditional terms come into play when the radio station is not currently playing a song, and that is when a different more brand-based art piece will play. This helps prevent the dynamic piece from being a blank copy. Conditional terms are a great resource to use alongside dynamic content.

Meadow Outdoor Eugene Digital Billboard on 7th Ave with Cars passing byDay parting is when Meadow sets the artwork to play different artwork at different times of day, to target a certain audience based on the day and time of the week. This can also be used adjacent to dynamic content. The clinic that is using a wait time on their artwork could day part that artwork to be scheduled during open hours only. The process of dayparting is built within the campaign schedule. Each piece of artwork has a start and stop date/time. This is when the artwork will officially start running on the digital and when it will officially stop playing, the life cycle of the piece. Within that time frame, you can also set the daily schedule. The software gives you the ability to set the daily start/stop time to the minute. This is also where you can select each day of the week the artwork should be displayed. This can range from all days of the week to every other day, weekdays, weekends, or even down to one specific day.  

This is the magic of digital billboards, reaching your audience through relevant information in a timely manner. All these features working together can bring your billboard advertising to the next level.

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