4 Ways Billboards Can Help Your Small Business

Buying a billboard can look like a big enterprise to take on, but Meadow loves to work with small businesses. Our sales reps are located in their sales territory so that they are more accessible and can meet with you directly. We are dedicated to providing great service to both large agencies and local businesses. Here are 4 ways that we want you to know that our billboards can help your business.

Compete with National Brands

A small business can look just as polished and established as a large brand on a billboard. Meadow is equipped to make artwork for any business and can make your mom and pop burger joint look just as enticing as McDonalds.

That’s the case in The Dalles, Oregon where Big Jim’s burgers has a billboard with Meadow outdoor just a few miles away from a McDonald’s billboard on the same stretch of freeway. Meadow wrapped green and pink contrasting lights around the ice cream cone on the billboard to catch people’s attention and usher them straight to Big Jim’s for delicious ice cream!Directionals help People Find Store Fronts

            A directional on a billboard can be an address or arrow pointing to an exit or anything that generally gives the viewer directions. This can be especially helpful on highways when a billboard will direct people into town to visit your small business that they otherwise would not have known existed. Whether your customers are tourists wanting a local flavor or prefer to support small businesses everywhere they go it doesn’t matter, they need to know your business is there before they can make a purchase.

            A great example of this is Bella Mercantile’s, a long-time partner of Meadow’s. Bella’s is a collection of stores local to Eastern Oregon with several billboards that often feature directionals to their nearest store.Billboards Drive Web Traffic

Search engines have given billboards a new superpower, driving traffic to your website. When an interested customer sees your billboard, they can easily search for the name of the company or the keywords on your billboard to find your business online. If you have a decent online presence with details like business hours, products to purchase, upcoming event info, etc. then potential customers can discover more about your business without it needing it to all be featured on the billboard!

Brick and Mortar Locations Benefit

            Billboards have a geographical advantage, targeting people in a specific area instead of a generic audience of people that could be from anywhere. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, for example a seafood restaurant like Mo’s, on the Oregon coast, you can easily advertise to traffic that is traveling towards the coast along major highways.Meadow’s billboards can serve both large corporations and small businesses. Never be too intimidated to put your ad on a billboard and compete with the big guys!

If you are interested in advertising on one of our billboards call us at 800-221-4114 or email us at meadow@meadowoutdoor.com!