Meadow Sends Used Billboard Vinyls to Wildlife Conservation Non-profit

Every year the non-profit Beaver Works replants willow and cottonwood trees near beaver habitats. These trees are two of the beaver’s main sources of food and building materials. Beaver Works used plastic bags to store the branches before transplanting. Maureen Thompson, PhD is the program manager of Beaver Works, and she started looking for a more durable and sustainable solution than single-use plastic bags.

            She reached out to Meadow to see if we had any extra billboard vinyls. Our very own Brian Casady agreed to send some of Meadow’s used vinyls and our installer Noah Gray took them to Beaver Works down in Bend, Oregon.

            Maureen and a team of volunteers recently sewed a batch of old vinyls to create reusable bags to store and transport the willow and cottonwood branches. Beaver Works plans to harvest branches at the end of winter when the plant’s stem cell energy is at its peak so when they are planted, they will grow roots and become full trees. Then they put them in cold storage for 2-4 months, before planting them at their various restoration project sites. As winter is coming to an end, they will use the bags to store the branches and then will plant them later this year to foster beaver habitats. They will be doing another sewing project later this month! Beaver Works does other projects throughout the year to help restore habitats for Beavers and other animals. They used one of the billboard vinyls as a tarp at a bat box making party that they hosted last fall. To see what else Beaver Works is up to, give them a follow on their Instagram @beaverworksoregon or visit their website at! We are honored to provide some assistance to an organization that helps some of our local furry friends. We are happy to give billboard vinyls to non-profits when we have them on hand, and they are not being used for other projects. For any used vinyl requests please email us or call our office!

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