How Meadow Battles Weather for our Billboards

One of the superpower of billboards is that they’re a physical advertising medium. They are a tangible and unavoidable physical presence. The one drawback to this is that billboard companies must contend with the natural world, including weather. In this blog, we’ll walk you through how Meadow fights different types of weather on behalf of our clients.


Rain and snow are usually not very damaging to billboards. Our vinyls are water resistant stretched tightly by our installers so they can withstand a lot of precipitation without sagging. Another problem is that sometimes heavy precipitation or fog can obscure the billboard. But these photos prove that a bit of rain or snow won’t completely block the message.Wind

Wind can be devastating to billboards if they are not well-built or if they have extensions that are too big. Some of Meadow’s billboard structures are made of wood in places where weather is not as harsh, but the majority are made of steel. Extensions off the edge of billboards can be difficult to reinforce. Some localities place restrictions on how large extensions can be for this reason. All extensions that Meadow does put up are reinforced with wood or sometimes in the case of very thin extensions, they have metal backing, so they will not be damaged in extreme weather.

Sometimes wind can also affect billboard lights. The illumination can go out if powerlines are downed and that is out of our control. However, all of our lights are cased and mounted with metal so they should not bend or snap except in the most extreme conditions.


Surprisingly, the most lethal force of weather on billboards is the sun. It’s slow and it takes time but over the course of a year, especially on east and west facing billboards, the vinyl’s color saturation will fade. This cannot be avoided. That is why Meadow covers the vinyl printing and installation charges once a year for all of our contracts that are 12 months or more. We want the vinyls to stay vibrant for our customers.

Billboards are a physical advertising medium that can be worn down by natural weather. Accidents cannot always be prevented however, Meadow does our best to reinforce our billboards as much as possible so that the weather doesn’t affect our client’s messages!

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