How Meadow Combats Birds on our Billboards

Billboards have a powerful real-world presence which makes them great for advertising, but it can come with some challenges. One of those is birds. Birds are one of the banes of the billboard industry’s existence. Mostly pigeons, but any type of bird really, that considers a billboard a good place to perch which can result in bird droppings all over the billboard structure. Meadow has harnessed some ingenious technology to combat these pests.

The first method Meadow uses is Bird Be Gone’s bird spikes. These spikes are simple and can be attached to the top of the billboard to prevent birds from landing on them. These spikes can be seen on the High Desert Museum's display. They are small enough relative to the structure that they are difficult to see and so do not distract from the advertiser’s message. These spikes are extremely versatile and can even go over extensions like this airplane on the Warhawk Air Museum’s advertisement.High Desert Museum Billboard featuring sasquatchBillboard advertisement for Warhawk Air Museum with airplaneA second method to deter birds from landing on a structure is called a Bird Zap shock track roll that Meadow purchases from Nixalite. It can be adhered to the top of a structure and will give birds a sharp but non-lethal shock, similar to a dog collar, to encourage them not to land on our signs.

Neither of these methods are 100% successful so if there is bird droppings on vinyl, our installation and maintenance crew can climb up and scrub it off.

Most billboards don’t experience bird problems, however the ones that do really need intervention. Meadow strives to keep all of our structures clean and our client’s messages readable.

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