How Meadow Executed its First 3D Display Ad with Great Service

In 2022 Portland creative agency, Borders, Perrin & Norrander (BPN), wanted to create a high impact display on I-84 for their client OnPoint Community Credit Union. BPN wanted the project to be a larger-than-life 3D display. OnPoint was thrilled and excited to learn they would be among the first brands to showcase a 3D board in Portland for many years. Andrea Mitchell from BPN needed a reliable partner to execute the display.

BPN chose Meadow as their 3D execution partner. “Meadow was very open to working with us and flexible. They went the extra mile to ensure the creative and execution would work structurally, abide by the city 3D restrictions, and provide a spectacular experience for the consumer.”

 “Meadow worked closely with us throughout the entire process. They provided great insights into our production and creative teams to make sure the execution would be a success. We were very pleased with the time the Meadow team spent with us at every step of the process so that it was seamless and efficient.”

 OnPoint was excited to stand out in the market and provide a spectacular experience for the consumer. “We would definitely like to work with Meadow again on another 3D project in the future for any of our clients!”This was Meadow Outdoor’s first 3D project, and our installers executed the project wonderfully. See the video of the full install on our YouTube channel!

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