How AI Art Generators are Impacting Billboard Artwork

The realm of digital art is experiencing a seismic shift as Artificial Intelligence (AI) weaves its way into the creative process. This technological revolution is reshaping the way all digital art is made, including billboard artwork.

One of the most captivating ways AI is impacting digital art is through generative AI tools. These algorithms, trained on massive datasets of existing artwork, can autonomously generate new images and designs. This can assist artists in brainstorming concepts, exploring diverse styles, and rapidly iterating ideas. Imagine a billboard designer feeding the AI keywords associated with the product being advertised, only to receive a plethora of unique and captivating visual options to choose from. This not only enhances the creative process but also potentially broadens the visual vocabulary of billboard design.

Beyond generating visuals, AI is also influencing the technical aspects of digital art creation. Machine learning algorithms can optimize the use of digital art tools, automate repetitive tasks, and even correct errors or inconsistencies in an artwork. This frees up valuable time and resources for human artists to focus on the more nuanced and strategic aspects of the creative process, including conceptual development and emotional storytelling, qualities crucial for captivating billboard ads.

However, the integration of AI into billboard advertising also raises important considerations. Concerns regarding artistic control, the potential for increased homogenization of visual styles, and algorithmic bias in content generation need to be addressed. Due to these problems, there will still be a need for skilled artists with an aesthetic eye. Therefore, billboard artists can use AI art generators as a tool but likely will not be replaced anytime soon.

Additionally, while AI art is rapidly improving, it is still in its infancy. Even AI generators that require a payment or subscription to access struggle to create any text within an image or accurate human body parts such as hands. AI will evolve in the coming years but for now it is something to experiment with, not rely on.

Meadow has already begun to use AI art generators in a few pieces of our artwork. This piece that was posted in February for Egg River Café in Hood River, Oregon, was AI generated. The landscape and the chicken were generated in Adobe illustrator by the Ai generator built into that software. However, the layout with the text was created by Meadow’s own artist, Chris Nash. Meadow is exited to begin using AI tools to help us improve our service for our client’s but Meadow will always strive to create human connections and keep the machines as tools, not as the sole artists.

The potential of AI to enhance the digital art used in billboard advertising is undeniable. As AI technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative applications emerge, leading to more dynamic, engaging, and effective billboard advertisements. The future of visual storytelling on billboards promises to be a fascinating interplay between the creative power of human artists and the innovative capabilities of AI.

This blog post was partially AI generated, to explore how AI language models think that AI artwork generators will be used in the billboard advertising industry of the future.

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