How ODFW Created More Impressions with their Billboard

In 2022 the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) needed to promote their tip line. The ODFW website describes the reportable crimes as, “Poaching (illegal take of game or fish), trespassing, littering, theft, destroying of property and road closure violations that affect all Oregonians. Poaching wildlife and damaging habitats affect present and future generations of wildlife, impacts communities and the economy, and creates enforcement challenges.” They wanted to public to know that successful arrests can result in cash or points rewards for citizens who report these crimes.

So, the ODFW’s program coordinator secured a billboard with Meadow Outdoor on Hwy 26 in Elsie, Oregon. The billboard message is seen by beach-bound traffic, 4,686 daily and weekly delivers 32,802 opportunities to educate the public about the tip line. The program coordinator decided to increase that audience even further. To see if Oregonians were seeing the ad, she posted a picture of the billboard on a social media platform. To the surprise and delight of ODFW, “We have, after two days, more than 650 likes, and over 82,000 impressions. It’s the most likes and impressions of anything that ODFW has ever posted! We are all blown away.”

The Outdoor Advertising Association cites very positive results when companies post photos of their billboards on social media. They state that “over half of social media users notice reposted billboard ads” and that “75% of users who saw billboard ads on social media engaged with them” (OAAA, Harris Poll, Kantar). As a visual media, billboard messaging can easily be shared on social media giving ad dollars a stretch and reaching even more people with the important message.

Meadow takes photos of every billboard vinyl we install. If the lighting is good, Meadow will often post the performance photos on our Instagram or LinkedIn. A more recent version of this billboard has been posted on our Instagram. If you are a current client you can request from Meadow a proof of performance photo of your billboard to post to your social media platforms to boost the reach of your message!

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