Top 10 Best Creative from Meadow in Q1 of 2024

The first quarter of 2024 is over and here are the top 10 best creative designs Meadow has posted in the last three months!

10. Lee Read Diamonds

This adorable jeweler's display has a small extension that gives it an extra flare and it appeals to a local audience.

9. Springfield Kids Dentist

This ad hits it’s target audience perfectly. With bright, contrasting colors and a smiling kid, it appeals to parents. It also doesn’t have a contact method, which saves space and helps the simple message shine!

8. Young Automotive Group

This design is classy, elegant, and subtle, rare in the billboard advertising business. Its yellow lettering contrasts well with the black background. Its most striking feature is its lack of features. The negative space around the logo helps point attention towards the logo and other small details.

7. Mahindra Tractors

This artwork displays the business’ product prominently and let’s the quality do the talking for them. The subtle text tucked over and under the product is a great touch. This piece also takes advantage of the ‘z’ formation of how people’s eye will naturally take in a design. Starting with the most important information in the top left corner and going down from there.

6. Northwest Painting Pros

This display is very bright, sticking out against the natural background. It features a fun visual, incorporating the paint roller into the design. Also, the upper edge of the paint roller hits the mathematical rule of thirds line on board, making it very aesthetically pleasing!

5. River Edge Landscape

Humor on billboards is very situational and lawncare is not always the most hilarious topic but Meadow made is happen with this piece that will have you smiling to yourself long after you’ve passed the sign!

4. Remax – Gary Raze

The owner, Gary Raze posed for these photos himself, and his bald head extension on top of the billboard is iconic! The bold font can’t be missed, and the phone number is a single and simple contact method.

3. Egg River Café

This Meadow Creative used a fun font that is still readable and clean. Also, it is one of the first pieces that Meadow has made using AI generative tools in the Adobe Creative Suite. To learn more about the process read our other blog post about AI generated billboard artwork.

2. Explore Lincoln City

This client supplied artwork is gorgeous and ticks all the boxes! The client had an artist use layers of paper to create the shadow affect in all the art they had for this campaing. The used beautiful colors, a clear message and a cute seagull and cloud extensions.

1. Arrowhead Travel Plaza

This billboard creative has been underway for months and we are incredibly pleased to unveil it! The Meadow made artwork for Arrowhead Travel Plaza with a grand total of 6 extensions, three of which are letters, and two of which are side extensions. This was an intricate design to execute for both Meadow’s Creative team and our install crew but they pulled it off! Which is why it is the best artwork of the first quarter of 2024!

We love to show off where our creative team and install teams can do on billboards! Let us know if you want to see what artwork we can make for you and your business on a billboard!

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