What are Billboard Extensions and Should I Have One?

On billboards, extensions are any feature that extends past the edges of the billboard face. They are a great way to increase the size of your message, create a unique look, and stick in people’s minds long after they drive by.

All of Meadow’s extensions need approval prior to construction.  A small amount of  localities having special restrictions on extensions, such as Redmond and Portland, Oregon. Most extension are possible and commonly built to a size no more than 20% of the display area with a max height of 4 ft. Extensions off the side or bottom of the billboard are uncommon but possible in some areas.  Extensions taller than 4 ft. will need to be quoted.

The cost of Meadow’s extensions are $25/sq ft with a minimum charge of $250. This is a one-time fee for labor, materials and install. The square foot charge is calculated based on a square or rectangle around the highest and widest points of the extension. The paint roller extension for Fitzpatrick painting in Albany, Oregon was measured 4ft in height up the side of the paint roller multiplied by the 12.5 ft. width of the roller which made a combined 50 square feet.Red and White billboard with Paint roller for Fitzpatrick PaintingNot all extensions have to be large.  For example, this billboard in the Bay Area with Wen Group has a small extension of 12 sq ft. but the impact is meaningful. The extension on the billboard in Reedsport for the Lower Umpqua Hospital District was just over 10sq. ft. and includes a light bulb that shines at night.

Meadow is always excited to install creative artwork! If unique opportunities arise and they comply with regulations, an extension will  add to the memorability of the message.

If you are interested in advertising on one of our billboards call us at 800-221-4114 or email us at meadow@meadowoutdoor.com!